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How X-Bulk alternative solved the 3 biggest problems with order at wholesalers and the procurement of goods.

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Collective buying at XBulk means - Order together for Wholesaleprices with resellers and retailers who exactly want the same goods. Wheter frequently procurement of the same goods or the one-time order of trend articles, promotional products or special items and remaining stocks. Together you can reach unbeatable and especially competitve graduated prices due to a higher purchase volume.

Graduated Offers - Buy together - the higher the collected quantity, the lower is the price for all resellers
Graduated Offers has two to five graduated price scales and a respectively corresponding minimum quantity. As soon as the minimum quantity of the next scale was reached respectively collected, the price for the article drops for all actual and futured resellers who participate.

As soon as your desired graduated price has been reached, you will be notified by e-mail. That way you can react as quickly as possible to the upcoming price reductions.

Create a list with all intresting products like i.e. Car tires, Smartphone, Animalfood. As soon as some graduated offers are being offered, that matches with products you are looking for, you got a notification. This way you are always informed if new offers and import articles from wholesalers or manufacturers be published that are interesting for you.

So you can keep an eye on all articles, in order not to miss any price reduction. Decide later whether you want to buy the desired goods together with other resellers and retailers. Register as best directly your free reseller access and start now to no longer missing anything.

Participate in the buyernetwork with wholesale- & graduated-prices - Buy together with other resellers and business partners for a maximum margin.
From kitchenware over television sets and smartphones to pet food. There are innumerable resellers who are looking for exactly the same goods.
Share interesting graduated-offers with your business partners, this way you reach much better conditions together!

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